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Why Mature Woman Would Date A Younger Guy?

There will be no exaggeration in saying that most women in their 30’s and 40’s likes dating guys at least a decade younger to them. Now the question is why the concept of older women dating a younger guy is growing popular? Why women like mature dating and get involved with guys too younger to them?

mature woman dating a man

In the following content, we have explored a few possible reasons for such pairings. All these reasons will help us get a better understanding of older women dating young men.

  • She may not get attracted to men of her age! This sounds quite rude and unkind, but it is true that bald patches, wrinkles, and beer belly are some aging symptoms that adds years to the looks of the men. A woman who wish to be a cougar and have worked out all these years to stay fit and not let aging take its toll from its look has every right to not get attracted to men of her age and date someone who is much younger to her. Younger men who are at the peak of their looks, have a head full of hair, have better sexual stamina and are more presentable as a pair will be the first choice of any older women dating. Even old men have fantasies for women much younger to them. So this phenomenon works both ways as both men and women have a secret desire to relive their youth with a partner much younger to them.
  •  Women like taking control! Another reason for older women dating young men is that women usually like taking control of the relationship in their hands. A cougar will definitely be into much more relationships than a young guy in his 20’s. So she not only has more experience but she also knows how to tackle the situation if it arises. Apart from that young men usually do not mind women taking charge of the relationship until they become offensive or nagging. This works fine for both the people and that is why both people don’t mind being involved with each other.
  • Taking lead in the bedroom! As discussed earlier women in mature dating not only have more relationship experience but she will have much more bedroom experience too. A cougar can be a married woman living separately, a divorcee or unmarried women. Whatever the status is, she is being in and out of many more relationships than a young boy whom she is dating. So her sexual experience is also greater than her young lover. She knows what she wants and what she is capable of in a bedroom. She can use the inexperience on her lover to her advantage and mold him into just the kind of lover she wants. The burden of disappointing the lover sexually will be conveniently get transferred from her shoulder to the shoulder of her young lover. If she is wise, she will easily convert the bedroom session into a learning opportunity for both.
a older woman waiting for a younger guy
  • Limited options are available! One important reason for older women dating a younger guy is the limited availability of men of her age. We have to accept the fact that most men in their 30’s or 40’s are either married, in a relationship or not interested in dating. So women in that age looking for a date are left with limited options and they start dating guys much younger to them. A limited pool of men of the same age triggers them to find someone younger for themselves.
  • Reliving the youth! A woman may forget being youthful is while being stuck in responsibilities of marriage, kids, and work. If she has a young man in her life, she will not only relive the life which she may have forgotten virtually but also get a little swankier. Being in a relationship will help her relive her youth. Romantic outings, sweet talks, and playful romance are all that she will get in a relationship with a young man. She will be updated about the latest trends, music, fashion and every other thing which she could not focus on all these years of responsibilities. Like every coin, this aspect of older women dating young men also has two faces. Many women may feel that being trendy and updated is draining their energy when they already have demanding jobs to do.
  • It gives her a thrill! No matter how much progress we may seem to be, our society is still stuck to sexist stereotypes. It expects a woman to settle down in domestic roles after a certain age. Many women who wish to release some steam after a hard day at work find rebel as the best way to do so. Involving with a young man and sleeping with him is against the stereotypes set by the society and breaking of rules gives her thrill. She sets herself as a free bird and maybe this is why young men get attracted to her. It is one of the very good ways of fighting with a midlife crisis.
  • She is in charge of the relationship financially! There is no denial of the fact that cougars must have worked for many more years in financially stable conditions than her young and inexperienced partner. She would love to be in charge of the relationship financially, socially, emotionally and sexually. Many cougars like showing off their young partners as their status symbol. When money matters are involved, obviously one who has financial independence and control will have the upper hand in the relationship.
  • Younger men are more fun and spontaneous! A single man in his 30’s and 40’s will burdened with many things like alimony, kids from previous relationships, work pressure, mortgage payment, bank debits, etc. but a young man in his 20’s will have fewer commitments, much fewer responsibilities and more fun to be with. He will be quite spontaneous in his rendezvous both on dates and in the bedroom. They can be the party animals without complaining about getting late or hangover the next day.  

How To Give A Mature Woman Oral Sex?

Mature dating site was uniquely intended for mature individuals who would prefer not to spend their erotic days alone. There has never been a superior time than now to join the site for mature dating. If you are a single older woman and looking for younger men to date and to have oral sex, then you are at the right place.  A large number of older women are on the web and searching for mature people from all through the nation. Lead the pack and utilize the mature dating site devices to discover other older women who are searching for their very own mature companion

Desires of older women:

Basically, older women need a wide range of connections with younger men, including you. In a couple of simple advances, you can meet the best local people around and accept your relationship to the extent you need. Regardless of whether you are new to dating or simply searching for another dating technique, simply join today and see what is looking for you on this staggering site. Dissimilar to other dating sites for older women, Mature dating site doesn’t require a ton of time or individual detail to discover you an ideal match out of the mature older women. 

They can hardly wait for you to join and discover your match at this moment. Spending a small amount of time searching for a companion and receive long stretches of happiness consequently. Consistently many older women sign in to date and chat and perhaps meet, all things considered, for dating. With mature dating sites, you can be certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that your own detail and detail of different clients is thoroughly secure. Everything you do is go through profiles, bring up individuals you find alluring, see their photographs, read individual information, and connect with a dating offer.

Impact of mature dating:

Truth to be told, you’re allowed to get associated with any sort of movement that brings you happiness and gives you a chance to meet older women for oral sex. At that point what? You two talk, and in case you both feel there’s some science between you, you end up your being a tease by meeting, in actuality. Keep in mind that web-based dating was made only for you! You’ll never get exhausted surfing the pages of the mature dating site. That is it – you just go into a visiting room and welcome coquettish individuals in it.

The list items will acquaint you with many gorgeous older women regardless of what channels or parameters you have set. Essential things start things out; have an instantly recognizable comprehension of why you are at a web-based dating site. A standardized understanding is likewise accessible to fulfill any requirement and will work well for you in finding a mature companion directly in your very own neighborhood. You will probably meet similar perfect partners for oral sex connections here, the sooner – the better, isn’t that so? According to the deep research, 99% of mature older women who meet at the site want to older women dating younger men and to have oral sex. 

Chatting very happily:

The best part is that the chat rooms are constantly open and clamoring with individuals. Along these lines, don’t waste your valuable time and the season of individuals searching for nearby older women to share their unadulterated energy for making oral sex with younger men. So all that you have to accomplish for an extraordinary dating experience is to meet older women at the mature dating site, and experience life to the full! Get directly to coy informing in dating chats and trading your thoughts of flawless connections. 

Logical research has additionally demonstrated that dating older women on the Internet emphatically influences an individual’s private life disconnected. Individuals are so partial to dating sites due to the fact that they give the opportunity of decision, activity, and self-articulation. When conveying and attempting to meet older women, a mature individual picks up the certainty to act normally and meet those older women that they constantly longed for the meeting. Utilizing an internet dating site is an incredible method to encounter the absolute best dating result.

Finding out best partner:

Older women dating are the best outcome for them to find out their best partner and need to satisfy the full range of their requirements. This dating site guarantees that you will probably locate the absolute best individuals that share the most for all intents and purpose with you. The mature dating service was made to those individuals who would love to enjoy a sexual relationship during dating. Regardless of whether you are separated from everyone else and need some late night organization or are endeavoring to take advantage of an exhausting travel circumstance, you can go for dates utilizing this site.

Why Do I Feel I’m Begging An Older Woman Dating Me?

If you are a young man and seek to date older women then you would know that they can be really alluring. However as a young man dating matured women may not be very simple. You would know that older women are much experienced in life. It is this experience they have in life that provides older women dating with tremendous confidence. So when it comes to dating men who are much younger than them they tend to take them lightly. There is a possibility that they underestimate younger men. However, you even as a young man how older women treat you often depends on the way you act and deal with them. So in case, you feel that you are begging older women for dating; it is definitely not the right attitude to have.

an older woman  sitting in her kitchen casually

How you act is the key to Cougar dating

It is true that in the digital age a lot of advancements have been made technologically in all aspects of life including dating sites. So in case, you seek to date women considerably older to you finding them through the latest older women dating app or over the older women dating sites is no problem. But simply by registering there and using by itself does not guarantee your success in your dating. You need to act right to ensure success on these dating tools.

Maintaining the Right Posture

The first and foremost thing you should always do while dating is that you must always maintain the right posture. It is true that you seek sugar Mommas, but at the same do not make it fully evident that you cannot do without them. Once matured women senses that you can in no way do without her she could tend to take advantage for the same. So why create an opportunity for her to do so. It is best that you have the right posture. Through your behavior try and project that you are smart and confident of handling any women of any age. This is why the way you act is the key.

Maintaining a balance in your behavior 

It is true that you should be courteous and polite while dealing with women. You need to respect them. However, at the same time make sure that you maintain a balance in your dealing. Try not to overdo it. At the same time never be arrogant. The best way to maintain the right relationship with older women is by being balanced in your actions.

Seek older women who genuinely seek younger men

While dating it is important for you to find a genuine match. Instead of begging an older woman whom you have to beg to date you, it is better than you find out one who is genuinely is on the lookout for guys like you. So while communicating with them or going through their profiles it is best that you study them and find out women who are actively interested to date young guys like you. Only in case of mutual interest would the relationship last longer.

Creating the right profile

While dating on online dating apps and online women dating sites you need to make sure that you devote quality time creating your profile. Have a nice picture which would project you as a smart young man. Apart from this make sure you mention points in your profile that conveys that you are confident in everything that you do.

In conclusion, we hope that the points mentioned here would ensure success and not lead you to a situation where you have to beg older women to date you.

Be Naughty

be naughty review

Quality of profiles: 5 heartEfficiency:5 heart Customer service:5 heartFeatures:5 heart

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A lonely life is not only frustrating but at times depressing. It takes a lifetime to find one but the dating sites have made it easy and convenient to meet new people, even a possible partner. With a number of mature dating sites, it is amazing how we can find someone we can connect with based on common interests.

Sign-up Process

The sign-up process is quite simple and can be done instantly without much hassle. The sign up is completely free and all it requires is to give in the information of what your gender is and what gender you are looking for. It also requires you to fill out some basic information like age, email, and a password along with the postal code to create an account. This is good to go to look out for potential individuals to connect with and go out on a date.

How to Locate Potential Matches

It is quite easy and simple to actually locate your potential match based on the information you give and the filters that you apply for selection. There are thousands of singles waiting to meet someone and you might just get lucky. Dating older women is a fantasy for some men and this is the place to get all your desires fulfilled. There are a number of criteria based on which one can make the selection like color, body type, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, etc. It is simple swiping right for someone you like and left for someone you don’t.

How to Communicate with other Members

Establishing communication especially if you are a paid subscriber is quite easy and simple. In order to ensure that everything is safe, there is a three-tiered safety level system that enables one to limit the members who can see your profile. The profiles are verified using different ways. After you like someone, break the ice by sending a wink and start a conversation. The best way to communicate is through the exchange of message via one on one chat. The paid subscribers can take it to next level with help of the live chat option.


There are some amazing features that make the site definitely worth the time and effort. It not only helps in searching for someone but helps in finding like-minded people. Here are some of the best features.

  • Customize the search by searching based on filters like gender, age, location, marital status, appearance, and nationality.
  • Show immediate interest to some by sending winks and take the first step to break the ice.
  • It is a perfect older woman dating site where the women can message the men for free and start a conversation.
  • The paid subscribers can even enjoy the privilege of using the live chat messaging system and keep a check of if the other person has read the message.
  • Send promotional messages and winks to the potential matches through the exclusive Promote My Account feature.
  • You can even search for people based on popularity, last activity, age, and distance.
  • It is important to have an advanced anti-fraud system to make the site safe and secure for the user. The communications with new users are made safe through such a system.

Cost of Subscription

The subscribed users definitely have more benefits as compared to the free users. The monthly subscription opens you to more opportunities and helps you enjoy better privileges. By taking the monthly subscription, it has become easy and convenient to take the benefit of better features. The subscription for one month is $24.99, the subscription for 3 months is $16.99 per month and to join for 6 months is $11.99 per month. The subscription enhances the overall experience for the communication and also gives the luxury of live chat.


Be Naughty is very particular about its privacy and hence keeps an advanced security system to filter out fishy and fake profiles. None of the information is ever given to any third party or anyone without your permission. With the high level of encryption, your credit card and payment information are always kept and secured. The strong encryption ensures that no one is able to steal your card or transaction information.

How to Succeed

It depends on what you are looking for which defines your level of success. The first way is to create a profile and become a paid subscriber. This opens you to more opportunities and the ability to start a conversation immediately. In order to succeed in finding the right person for seeking a long-term or for a hookup, make sure you give the required information on your profile and find a match according to your criteria and preference. After finding a potential match, start a conversation and plan out to meet in person once you are comfortable. Meet the flirty matches from hundreds or thousands of profiles, push the chat in one of the chat rooms and enjoy where it goes.

Active Members

Most of the active members of the site are men and women looking for a potential partner to hook up and quench their intimate thirst. Most of the singles are naughty and not necessarily looking for a committed relationship. It is a perfect site for older women looking for younger men with cougar dating accepted without any judgment. On average, the site is visited and used by more than 13.3 million users with a gender ratio of 48% men and 52% women. It is a perfect site for straight, gays, lesbians, and bisexuals with most people open-minded and cool with fetishes and fun. 


The website is perfectly designed for people to get away with their singlehood frustration, get flirty and naughty, and find someone for a serious relation or casual hook-up. Be it older women seeking younger men or vice versa or someone looking within their age range, there are millions of profiles to choose from. It is a highly interactive lively adult dating site designed for single individuals to meet someone for a relationship or casual flirting and hookups.


Mature Dating Guide In 2018: How To Start A Mature Relationship Step By Step?

Are you a middle-aged woman in your late 40s or early 50s, thinking about dating young men? If so then there is nothing wrong with it and there are a host of older women dating younger men. The best part about this relationship is that there are a whole lot of online platforms out there which you can use to achieve what you want.

mature dating

In fact, you might think that your age would translate into mature dating experiences. It is often seen that while dating at an elderly age, both men and women tend to relive their teen years in the process. Thus when it comes to mature dating, since most of the people are mature it is the best time to date. However, at the same time, this is an age when people have to deal with illness, menopause and health-related issues. But this must not dampen your spirit of falling in love again. You must surely not settle for anything that is less than what you deserve.

The following are some basic tips to keep in mind while dating at a mature age:

Fall in love with yourself

If you plan to date at a mature age, chances are that you might have already taken a heavy beating from life. This could either be from a divorce or have lost your partner. Thus before entering into a fresh relationship, you need to reacquaint yourself with what you are today and also what value you hold in your relationship. It is important that you love yourself if you want your potential partner to love you. 

Getting Past your list

Before entering into a new relationship it is possible that you might have a list of the things or qualities in your potential partner. However always have a preconceived list of material things you want from your potential partner is always not fair. Instead of focusing on the young guy’s appearance, the type of car he drives it is best to assess how you feel in his company.

Casting the Net

Once you are decided that you would start dating, it is important to have a concrete plan of action. First of all, determine how to get the date. Decide on the avenues which you would use. Out of the many, online platforms are by far the most popular ones. In fact, there are many dedicated mature dating sites that can help your cause. The best part about these sites is that you need not spend a fortune. You can get started absolutely free. Apart from these, there are classes, social meet-ups for post-50s. Besides, there are also several social media platforms too which provide the opportunities to interact with your prospective date.

Before you get started with the process also mentally have a plan about the probable place where you would meet up, what are things which you would ask once you meet and so on. These are issues which would definitely come about when you would actually date. So it is always advisable that you have a prior planning of the entire event.

At the date

Following your registration with the online dating site and interacting with some, your appointment with the probable partner is set. You need to be prepared for what you would do during the date. It is best that you have a plan for the same. You need to be honest and make your intentions clear up front. At the same time try and assess what the objective of your partner is with the relationship. Through this, you would be able to avoid any confusion or misunderstandings in the future. Honesty is one of the keys to having a long-term and sustainable relationship. So be honest yourself and demand the same from your partner as well.

The next and final step

Once in the relationship, you need to have a future version of yourself who is a few dates with this new man. This is where you might have the final step of dating like a grown up. If while continuing to date you find that your partner continues to meet your expectations and you are happy in his company, it may be a major indication that this is the relationship you should be continuing with. You must see how you feel while the relationship unfolds. 

On the other hand, if you find that while continuing with the relationship you are no longer happy and it is falling short of your desired expectations, then you should not be afraid to make a fresh start again. You need to realize that there are plenty of younger men looking for dating older women too. With the numerous online options, you could easily find your ideal partner as well.

Cougar Date UK

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There is no doubt cougar date is #1 older women dating site in UK. It is designed for Toyboys and cougars in the UK.  This site has thousands of profiles and members. You can join now to find the best dating partner for tonight. Thousands of more cougars join us every week because it is a confidential, secure and safe place for mature dating. Most of the dating sites experience the problems like lack of online members and incomplete profiles. We are proud to say that our dating website has no problem. We offer detailed and complete profiles of our members. Similarly our dating service is available in many countries. You can find our online members anytime when you want to enjoy dating. Most of the older women love to date younger men. Similarly plenty of older men also look for younger women. We have thousands of members to choose from. You can select your desired category like younger women, older men, cougar, singles or others.

You will notice that our dating site is very easy to use as compared to other sites in the world. We have plenty of new dating ideas and safety tips for you. Recent survey showed that our dating site receive more than 1,030 new members every day. You can find thousands of online members at our dating website anytime. This report is very encouraging. You will notice that every profile is complete with correct information. We do verification of age, location, occupation, gender and photos to win the trust of our members. We offer different types of membership plans and packages. You can select a 6 month plan to save your 50% investment. For standard members, free registration is also available. However, free members can use limited features and search tools. If you want to share more photos or winks then you must upgrade your membership plan. You can get full access to automated messages, ice breaks, mobile alerts, email access and advanced search tools after purchasing membership.


  • Standard membership is free.
  • Premium membership
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  • Read notification: 4.80 per month.
  • Search VIP: 4.80 per month.

For payments, you can use different options like SMS mobile payment, Master card, visa card and credit card.

Features list:

  • #1 dating site among older dating sites in UK.
  • It receives more than one thousand new members’ every day.
  • Members include equal number of men and women.
  • Offers different dating categories like cougar dating, single dating, older women dating and playboy dating.
  • Standard membership is free.
  • 24 hours customer support.
  • You can search members by different criteria like location and age range.
  • Sort the members by using the options like newest video, newest photo, age, name, distance and latest joined.
  • You can also use different filters like members with photo, online now.
  • The options of quick researches include latest videos, latest photos, latest members, recommended members and interactive map.
  • More than 50% saving on 6 month subscription.
  • Plenty of guidance through email, telephone and other ways.
  • Complete profiles.
  • Thousands of online members.
  • Verification of email address, location and photo.
  • Free members can add share and exchange photos. They can also create their profile.
  • Massive network of toy boys and cougars.
  • Simple and easy registration.
  • Free to join.
  • Free profile completion.

Extra features for premium membership:

  • Bolt-ons membership to enjoy extra features.
  • Record your own video profile.
  • Hide your profile or make it invisible for others.
  • Get help in the creation of great profile.
  • Photo editing tools.
  • Send free winks to others.
  • Send the ice breaks and smiles.
  • Check out the newly registered members.
  • Use wide range of search tools.
  • Exchange email with other members.

Gifts and credits:

Out dating website also offer many additional features and services like sending virtual gifts, astrological reports and personality profile tests. You can also buy the extra features as a gift for your favorite member. It will help to make your relationship strong. The price and description of every extra feature is present on website. You can pay for extra features via credits.

Customer care:

We offered a help section or customer support service for our members. It enables you to share your problems or experience with our customer care team. You will receive instant message within 48 hours. You can also use the option of phone call for immediate access. You can visit the account section to view your profile, features, membership and plans. We offer best services of older women dating UK.

Associate websites:

In addition to our site, we also offer many other associate websites to improve the chance to find a dating partner. By registering the site, your information may be available for other associate dating websites.

eHarmony Review

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At present you can find thousands of online dating websites across the globe but eHarmony is the first dating site that uses the scientific approach to match couples. It matches the highly compatible singles based on their particular and unique features. We have more than 20 million registered online members. In order to match the singles we use 29 dimensions of compatibility. Therefore most of singles trust our dating platform to establish long term relationships. Recent survey showed that 438 couples get married everyday through our website. This figure accounts near 4% of total new marriages in the United States. Our dating service is not of traditional type because we use the levels and dimensions of compatibility to make the right couples. Once you subscribe to our service, you can view thousands of profiles online. You can also narrow down your research with the help of different options like age, location, gender, qualification, job and habits. We offer updated and complete profiles to make sure best results. We offer the service of dating for older people to build a quality relationship.

We offer four steps to find a right match. First of all you will need to fill a questionnaire to represent your habits, taste and desire. Once you complete your personality profile, you can search for highly compatible matches. In order to make the communication better, you can pick out the right plan or membership. Our customer support service will also help you in finding of right match. Start online dating and make your time fantastic.  Our dating platform is suitable for singles of all ages. EHarmony is a right platform to find a mate with whom you share a similar taste, beliefs, goals and background. We offer wide range of dating categories like senior singles, interracial singles, Asian singles, Hispanic Singles, Black singles and Jewish singles. The standard membership is free of cost. In order to use the advanced features, you can upgrade to gift memberships.


  • Basic membership is free for standard members
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For payments, you can use different options like credit card, check cards, PayPal, postal mail and others.

Features list:

  • Most popular older women dating across the globe.
  • Over 20 million registered users.
  • Easy to find the people of similar background.
  • You can send smiles and icebreakers to show your interest.
  • Private chat rooms.
  • Sharing of photo album.
  • Mobile apps for android phone and iPhone.
  • Dating advice from professionals and experts.
  • Invite others for private chat.
  • View and share profile of others.
  • Share your experience on blog.
  • Verification of location, age and name.
  • 29 dimensions of compatibility to create the best match.
  • Know who looked at your profile.
  • Check the activity status of others.
  • Personality based test.
  • Free registration.
  • Profile matching system.
  • Browse all topics.
  • View success stories of others to build your confidence.
  • Free trial weekend.
  • First date ideas.
  • Safety tips and advice.
  • Guided communication.
  • Safe and secure email system.
  • Service is available in different countries.
  • Showcase your luxuries and status.
  • Leave your response on blogs.
  • Quick photo sharing and dating.
  • Diverse group of individuals of all ages.
  • Most trusted online dating platform.

Features of gift membership:

  • View profiles of new subscribers.
  • Block or delete other users.
  • Hide your profile or status.
  • Use particular search options.
  • Change the username.
  • New subscribers’ recommendations.
  • Highlight your profile.
  • Create your private chat room.
  • Technical assistance or support.
  • Meet the people of all religion and races.
  • Email saved for many days.

Guided Communication:

We offer guided communication to make sure best results. We offer 29 dimensions of compatibility test to find the best match. We offer recommendations to our members about their perfect match. We also update the members through email about latest subscribers or new arrivals. We also offer a questionnaire to know the habits, taste and likes of members. You can send this questionnaire to your target members to know their response.


Another feature of our senior dating website is best privacy. We take the privacy and safety of members seriously. We offer the 24 hours customer support to guide our members. Dating safety tips are also available on our website. In order to hide any member, you can select the option “close”. You can also hide your profile.

Customer support:

The presence of FAQ section on help center page of our website is very helpful for our members. They can easily find the solution of their problems on this page. You can contact our customer support staff by phone and email. The live chat support option is also available.

Senior Friend Finder

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Where to meet older women? You can visit senior friend finder dating website to find the older women. It was launched in 1996. It is among the top online mature dating communities. The key services of our dating website include sugar momma dating, mature dating and cougar dating. This is a place where you can find single older women. Similarly older women can find younger men to establish long term relationship. This dating website is designed for mature singles to create meaningful relationship. We offer unique features like photo galleries, messaging and chat rooms. Find profiles of thousands of singles over 50 at senior friend finder. It is not only a dating platform instead it also offers pleasant environment for marriage, friendship, love and discussion. Dating older women is feasible at our dating website.

A lot of older women like to involve into a love relationship with younger men. They know that a younger man can provide more excitement, comfort, romance and enjoyment. Younger men can also explore a different world for you. Our dating website allow you to find your perfect or ideal partner through different search options like age, gender, location, occupation, qualification and height. You can view new subscribers also. In order to read dating tips you can visit our blog where you will find lot of information. You can also share your experience there. Owing to large number of positive aspects our dating is best for seniors. You can find mature singles, which are qualified, energetic, romantic and successful in their life. We offer easy sign up and free standard membership service. You can also upgrade to premium membership to enjoy extra benefits. Thousands of profiles of single men and women are available for your assistance. We offer two kinds of membership plans, silver membership and gold membership. However standard membership is free of cost.


  • Basic membership is free for standard members
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For payments, you can use different options like credit card, check cards, PayPal, postal mail and others.

Features list:

  • IM system allows you to talk people instantly.
  • Active chat rooms.
  • Upload your video greetings.
  • Among top senior dating sites across the globe.
  • 24 hours customer support service.
  • Upload and share unlimited photos.
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  • Dating tips and advice.
  • Advanced search options.
  • Share your stories and experience.
  • Technical support by email.
  • Update or change username anytime.
  • Database search options.
  • Faster photo and profile views.
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  • Leave your comments on blog.
  • Showcase your status and luxuries.
  • Protected and secure dating platform.
  • Search the members in different countries.
  • Block or delete inappropriate users for free.

Key features of silver membership:

  • Viewing of polls and member videos.
  • Verify location, income and photo.
  • Send instant IM to other members.
  • Highlight your profile.
  • View profile of other members.
  • New subscriber recommendations.
  • Email saved for 60 days.
  • View recently active members.
  • Create a hotlist of 500 active members.

Features of gold membership:

  • Super search capability.
  • Online chat.
  • Access to MSN IS, YIM and ICQ.
  • Presence of gold membership badge on your profile.
  • Email saved for 120 days.
  • New members will be visible only to gold members for first few hours.
  • 1,000 member hotlist.
  • 30 plus matches.
  • Top search listing

Feel secure and safe:

We provide safe platform for older women dating younger men. We do not compromise on security and safety of our members. We check and confirm the profiles of every member to detect the suspicious members. Our fraud detection algorithms offer best performance. The photo of every member is reviewed by our customer service department at the time of registration. Hence you can easily enjoy your online dating experience without any fear and confusion.

Mobile dating:

You can also access to our dating website through mobile. The mobile optimized website is available for mobile users. The app is also available for iPhone users. We can offer you all types of applications in a more phone friendly format. Mobile dating allows you to upload, share and exchange photos anytime.

Report abuse and inappropriate users:

We have a best security system to block or delete the profiles of inappropriate users. When you experience or face abuse, you just need to send photo of this activity to our customer support service. You can also send a web link to report the abuse. Hence you can enjoy dating older men with ease.

Customer care:

In order to seek additional guidance and help, you can contact our customer support service department. Our tool free number is available for your assistance. Our friendly staff always feels pleasure to serve you.

Established Men

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Are you looking for attractive and ambitious girls? Established men dating platform is right for you. It connects beautiful and charming girls with millionaire people to meet their lifestyle needs. This dating website was established in 2008 and now it has become #1 website of its kind. It has more than 1,652,795 active members. Thousands of profiles of millionaire and well established people are present on this website. Hence you can find a millionaire dating partner to make your future life prospective.  It is 100% free to join this dating website. Once you subscribe to our service, you can create profile for free. You can also conduct searches to meet your ideal and target members. It is free to view or visit the profiles of other members who have joined our website. We offer advanced search options and filters to find the right match. You can use the filters like age, business, location, gender, height, color and many other options. Once you find the appropriate members, you can send free messages and emails.

The key objective and purpose of our services is to connect beautiful and young women with successful, millionaire and rich men. Similarly millionaire men can also join our dating platform to find the beautiful, ambitious and lovely girl. Recent survey shows that our dating website is #4 on the list of top millionaire dating sites. Our site contains the profiles of business owners, job holders, managers, scientists and politicians. We also offer many profiles of single female university students who are looking for good future and lifestyle. Our service is completely free for women but males have to pay some fee. We do regular staff monitoring to provide best services to our members. We verify and check profiles and photos of all members. In case of wrong information we delete or block the user. Our aim is to provide a good platform for long term relationships. You should not waste your time instead join our site immediately to find a perfect match for your life.


  • Standard membership is free.
  • Premium membership
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For payments, you can use different options like PayPal and credit card.

Features list:

  • #4 on the list of top millionaire dating sites.
  • 1,652,795 active members.
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  • Option of profile up gradation is also available.
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  • Compare the traits of matches.
  • Send the voice mails.
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  • Read success stories.
  • 24 hours customer support service.
  • Mobile apps.
  • Report the suspicious members.
  • Verification of address, gender, location and age.
  • Add photo on your profile.

Extra features for premium membership:

  • Premium members will view the new subscribers first.
  • New members will also visit premium members first.
  • Share your data with others.
  • Hide your profile from others.
  • Block or delete the inappropriate users.
  • Use advanced filters like location and body features.
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  • Small virtual gifts and unlimited messages.
  • Dating in a particular area or city.
  • Fast or quick data search.
  • Premium membership badge.

Voicemail service:

We offer older men dating service with voicemail features. This allows you to leave voice messages for any member. You can leave a voicemail using your phone. It will not show or expose your current location. Meanwhile you can also receive voicemail messages from other users. The cost of this service is 5 credits per voicemail.

Privacy service:

We offer advanced privacy features. You can share your personal photos with particular members. You can hide your information or data from third parties. It is also possible to send and receive gifts from others. Hide your profile from showing up in the search results. Our website is a safest place for dating older man.

Elite Singles

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If you are looking for older women for dating then Elite Singles is a right platform for you. It is a known fact that there is no happiness and enjoyment without a truly like-minded match. We offer the best platform for dating an older man or woman. More than 67% of our members are university graduates. We serve more than 20 countries worldwide. You can use the global network of our dating website to create genuine, romantic and long-term love relationship. We create an average of 2000 new couples every month. A recent survey shows that more than 25,000 new members join our dating website per week. Our members include 57% female and 43% male. Most of our members are highly qualified, professional and job holders. All these features make our older dating site prominent, unique and most attractive for lovers.

You might be missing out when you exclude cougar or older women from your dating pool. It is reported that more than 60% people love to date an older woman. There are several reasons behind it like older women have their own life. They also require little entertainment, shopping, and attention. It is also a learning experience to date with older women. They can make you a better man. You will not hesitate to discuss what they need in bed. You can pick them out for the date anytime because they have little hobbies and worries. EliteSingles offer you the best environment for dating older women. Our company is a part of Affinitas GmbH. We are also one of leading online dating websites across the globe. We can introduce you to single women and single men for long-term and genuine love commitment. We offer complete profiles of matching couples. There is no place for non-active and non-serious members on our online dating website. Our customer support service is also available around the clock for relationship advice and tips. If you want to build a serious, long-term and genuine love relationship then our older dating site is a right place for you.


  • Basic membership is free for standard members
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Features list:

  • One of leading online mature dating websites across the globe.
  • Our dating website is a part of Affinitas GmbH.
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  • EliteSingles IOS dating app.
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Extra features for premium members:

  • 20 partner suggestions per day.
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  • Personality test.
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Exceptional customer service:

The team of our dedicated, professionals and committed workers offer the est environment for older women dating. We offer safe, smooth and stress free service. Our customer support service is available to deal with technical queries and problems. You can also access our service on mobile.

Personality test:

We offer personality test to check your personal qualities. This test helps us to find a right match for you. Once you know your personal attributes, you can find the like-minded singles with ease. The personality test consists of few questions and personal details. On the basis of this test we can represent your character, behavior and goals.

Fast Success rate:

EliteSingles has fast success rate as compared to other dating websites. A single finds its love through our website after every 8 minutes. Similarly more than 2,000 new members join our platform after every week.