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How To Make It Easier When Dating With Older Women?

There is no doubt that cougar dating has become popular in recent times. Much of this has happened owing to the online dating older women sites, and other online channels along with TV shows and films. As a result, many young men of the current generation want a taste of an older woman and her experience. On the other hand, it is seen that most cougar women want a sexual relationship with young men. But at the same time, not every cougar seeks a sexual playmate. In such cases owing to their age, they are on the prowl for a strong relationship. As a young man therefore if you are looking to date an older woman, make sure you know what she I seeking actually. What you must realize is that they often have limited patience for the mischief of youth. Thus you need to these rules and you can be sure that she will be yours in no time.

older woman dating

You need to be assertive

As a young man and realizing that you are partnering an older and more experienced woman you might lack confidence. However, you need to make sure that you are able to overcome your shyness and be assertive in your relationship. This is what would prove your maturity for your age and thus need to be bold.

Understanding what you want from your relationship

While dating older women as a young man you need to be clear as to why you want to date and getting into a relationship. You need to figure out whether you want to date merely just for a physical relationship just to enjoy the physical pleasures and just for fun or whether you are looking to get involved for anything else. This is what would bear on your relationship. So it is important for both of you involved in understanding why you would want to get involved.

Different Lifestyles

While dating older women you need to understand that both of you involved in the relationship are at different life stages which might, in turn, mean different lifestyles. You may be at a point in your life when you as a young man may be trying to get established in your career, living in a shared accommodation, saving up to travel and so on. Whereas your partner may be already settled in life and financially secure. So being in different stages of your lives with different lifestyles it is possible that you might have significant differences in your approach and attitudes. This is why again it is important for you to be more understanding and knowing first and foremost why you are dating.

Take things slowly

As a young man, you might be very excited and enthusiastic initially. It is likely that the sex you have would be very steamy and hot initially. She, on the other hand, being mature is likely to be more experienced and thus have more stamina. However, you must also try to know her and make her happy outside your sexual relationship. So you need to realize that there is more than just fulfilling your sexual desires. You could therefore pleasantly surprise her by taking her out for a surprise dinner and gift her she loves. So at times, you need to have a more romantic approach.

Try to be genuine in your relationship

Whether you get involved in your relationship with older women dating online or otherwise you need to be honest in your relationship. You must have respect for her experience and the wisdom she might have acquired while leading life. So always be genuine in your approach. Do not try to fake things. You must realize that she is more experienced would easily figure out in case you try to be too cocky. Instead, try to be honest with her and this is what she would appreciate.

Be clear in your communication

Right from the outset, you need to understand each other well. For this, it is important for you to communicate. So make sure that you communicate what you want from the relationship and at the same time try to know exactly what she is looking for. In case she wants to get involved just for a fling and that is also what you to are looking for then you may not get too serious about your relationship. But with clear communication, you would eliminate confusion, misunderstandings and fights and frustrations in the future. So be clear in your mind about what you want and what she wants and treat your relationship accordingly.

In conclusion, we can say that our lifestyles have undergone many changes in recent times. So right now getting involved in a relationship with major age differences is no longer a social taboo and we hope that by following the above-mentioned tips you would have a more fulfilling relationship.

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How to do video chat with older women?

Video chatting is the latest gift to techno-pro people by our modern and advanced communication technology. Now, not just texting and talking over phone is doable, but also one can see another while chatting through the handsets they use (obviously a Smartphone or a phone with in-built arrangement for video chats). Modern people love to make proper use of sophisticated technological implications and in their dating schedule also it finds an important prominence. Video chatting with special one is done frequently now and in case of cougar dating also, older women dating online is very much doable and is done too. In this article a detailed idea regarding how to do video chat with older women will be discussed on.

older women chatting via phone

A cougar or the older woman here is a person who has gone through several phases in her life, to be what she is currently now. She might be a very successful professional associated with a significant profession. She might also be a wife of a very wealthy person like a popular and rich businessman or any affluent officer. She might also be a popular and eminent personality in the social circle of the society or someone associated with something very significant in the society. In brief, they are very well settled in their lives at this age and have got the money!

They have experiences that both are happy ones as well as bad ones that taught them good lessons in life though. They are not like the younger women whom you generally date and who will just fall for you with your casual hero-like attitude. They are women, mature women, who is looking for older women seeking younger men for quality companionship and really relaxing time with you. Never try being like a childish, aimless, self-obsessed wanderer or they might get alert and never show interest in you from the very beginning.

Older women dating younger men, so she must have found something interesting in you or else she would not have been interested in doing so. Texting and chatting through other forms of social media or your very first date might have been somewhat nice(if this video chatting is being done after you met personally). In general, video chatting between such dating couples are done before actually meeting in person, but after meeting also some do video chatting to stay in close touch when they cannot meet always.

First and foremost look pleasant and even if you are in your casual t-shirts and such ordinary-looking garments, try to ensure they are clean and do not contain stains of spilled food or any such stuff. Men, you are overly casual at home but while attending the video chat of such well-settled older woman, please look hygienic and wear clean clothes. Always look cheerful and pleasant. While talking over phone you can say sweet and intense things even if your facial expression does not do justice to what you are saying and it is ok also, as she cannot see that. In video chat, all your facial expressions will be open to her so let not unpleasant and unfriendly expression or gesture get reflected on your face even for a second.

When you will be video chatting, don’t forget ever to maintain eye contact and look straight to the person you are chatting with. Not looking at them and shifting your eyes to your surrounding area (from where you are doing this video chat like your house) will surely annoy cougar dating younger men and make them feel you are not interested in talking or do not like them. Look straight at them with a smile and chat and forget about every else going around.

They are busy women so they will find it very appreciative if you plan to start video chat not randomly anytime you wish but at least seek their consent through a text before doing so. They might be in a meeting or in an event so the sent text will let them inform you if they are ready for video chat now. Not every video chat necessarily has to be at night only.

If they have informed you of a time when they are comfortable enjoying video chat, then do not fail either to initiate the video chat or stay prepared with your device around that time. Do never make them feel they are more interested than you are!

Be courteous; Do not shout or talk very loudly while doing video chat; Listen with more care and patiently what she is saying; Wait for your turn ; Do not sound formal etc. These things matter a lot when the person is video chatting with you.

Woo them with what they like and desire but do not sound unnecessarily vulgar. Video chatting will be a pleasant experience then.