Why Mature Woman Would Date A Younger Guy?

There will be no exaggeration in saying that most women in their 30’s and 40’s likes dating guys at least a decade younger to them. Now the question is why the concept of older women dating a younger guy is growing popular? Why women like mature dating and get involved with guys too younger to them?

mature woman dating a man

In the following content, we have explored a few possible reasons for such pairings. All these reasons will help us get a better understanding of older women dating young men.

  • She may not get attracted to men of her age! This sounds quite rude and unkind, but it is true that bald patches, wrinkles, and beer belly are some aging symptoms that adds years to the looks of the men. A woman who wish to be a cougar and have worked out all these years to stay fit and not let aging take its toll from its look has every right to not get attracted to men of her age and date someone who is much younger to her. Younger men who are at the peak of their looks, have a head full of hair, have better sexual stamina and are more presentable as a pair will be the first choice of any older women dating. Even old men have fantasies for women much younger to them. So this phenomenon works both ways as both men and women have a secret desire to relive their youth with a partner much younger to them.
  •  Women like taking control! Another reason for older women dating young men is that women usually like taking control of the relationship in their hands. A cougar will definitely be into much more relationships than a young guy in his 20’s. So she not only has more experience but she also knows how to tackle the situation if it arises. Apart from that young men usually do not mind women taking charge of the relationship until they become offensive or nagging. This works fine for both the people and that is why both people don’t mind being involved with each other.
  • Taking lead in the bedroom! As discussed earlier women in mature dating not only have more relationship experience but she will have much more bedroom experience too. A cougar can be a married woman living separately, a divorcee or unmarried women. Whatever the status is, she is being in and out of many more relationships than a young boy whom she is dating. So her sexual experience is also greater than her young lover. She knows what she wants and what she is capable of in a bedroom. She can use the inexperience on her lover to her advantage and mold him into just the kind of lover she wants. The burden of disappointing the lover sexually will be conveniently get transferred from her shoulder to the shoulder of her young lover. If she is wise, she will easily convert the bedroom session into a learning opportunity for both.
a older woman waiting for a younger guy
  • Limited options are available! One important reason for older women dating a younger guy is the limited availability of men of her age. We have to accept the fact that most men in their 30’s or 40’s are either married, in a relationship or not interested in dating. So women in that age looking for a date are left with limited options and they start dating guys much younger to them. A limited pool of men of the same age triggers them to find someone younger for themselves.
  • Reliving the youth! A woman may forget being youthful is while being stuck in responsibilities of marriage, kids, and work. If she has a young man in her life, she will not only relive the life which she may have forgotten virtually but also get a little swankier. Being in a relationship will help her relive her youth. Romantic outings, sweet talks, and playful romance are all that she will get in a relationship with a young man. She will be updated about the latest trends, music, fashion and every other thing which she could not focus on all these years of responsibilities. Like every coin, this aspect of older women dating young men also has two faces. Many women may feel that being trendy and updated is draining their energy when they already have demanding jobs to do.
  • It gives her a thrill! No matter how much progress we may seem to be, our society is still stuck to sexist stereotypes. It expects a woman to settle down in domestic roles after a certain age. Many women who wish to release some steam after a hard day at work find rebel as the best way to do so. Involving with a young man and sleeping with him is against the stereotypes set by the society and breaking of rules gives her thrill. She sets herself as a free bird and maybe this is why young men get attracted to her. It is one of the very good ways of fighting with a midlife crisis.
  • She is in charge of the relationship financially! There is no denial of the fact that cougars must have worked for many more years in financially stable conditions than her young and inexperienced partner. She would love to be in charge of the relationship financially, socially, emotionally and sexually. Many cougars like showing off their young partners as their status symbol. When money matters are involved, obviously one who has financial independence and control will have the upper hand in the relationship.
  • Younger men are more fun and spontaneous! A single man in his 30’s and 40’s will burdened with many things like alimony, kids from previous relationships, work pressure, mortgage payment, bank debits, etc. but a young man in his 20’s will have fewer commitments, much fewer responsibilities and more fun to be with. He will be quite spontaneous in his rendezvous both on dates and in the bedroom. They can be the party animals without complaining about getting late or hangover the next day.  

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